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Friday, March 29, 2013

Prioritize Your Personal Development

One of the most important investments you you will ever make is your investment in your personal development. You can never truly become all that you were created to be if you are not committed to your personal development. It is so tempting to neglect this as you chase after the next opportunity. However if the right foundation is not laid then what you have built over time will eventually crumble.

You must invest in your spiritual development first and then invest in developing your gifts and talents. Investment in your personal development starts with your personal time in the Word of God. It also includes the anointed books and messages that you expose yourself to and specific training programs, seminars, books, etc. that are in line with your gifts and talents. As you expose yourself to these materials you must also practice your gifts.

This is how you position yourself to become all that you were created to be - 2 Ti 2:15. Daniel is known for his outstanding achievements. He rose from a slave to become a Prime Minister over other Prime Ministers. Daniel records in Dan 9:2, that he developed understanding by reading books. You can start today by setting goals and targets related to your personal development. As you commit those goals unto God, He will enable you supernaturally to accomplish them.

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