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Sunday, March 3, 2013

It is God's Plan that You Succeed

God always has you on His mind. In Psa 8:4, the Psalmist exclaims that God is mindful of man. You see man is God's choicest creation. Man is the only one of God's creation that was created in the image and likeness of God - Gen 1:26. This is why man has such a special place in God's heart.

In Jer 29:11, God was reassuring His people that He only had good thoughts towards them, and not evil thoughts. He told them that His plans for them was to bring them to a place of peace and prosperity, where everything concerning was in great shape; nothing missing or broken. God reassured them because at that time His people were having challenges believing in a good outcome based on what they were going through.

You see there will be times when your present circumstances do not bear any resemblance to your promises from God. At those times you must stand in faith based on the Word of God. And remember that it is God's plan that you succeed in what He has called you to do. So be cheerful and courageous - Jn 16:33 & Jos 1:9 - because God is on your side.

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