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Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's time for you to excel

When God created man, He blessed man - Gen 1:28; He gave man the divine enablement to succeed and prosper. When man sinned, he turned his back on the blessing and thus the curse came into effect - Gen 3:16-19. However God immediately put a plan into motion to restore man back to his rightful place in the blessing - Gen 3:15. Thank God that His plan came to fruition. Jesus came and by His victory over the enemy restored man back unto the blessing - Gal 3:13-14

Anyone who identifies with Jesus' sacrifice and accepts Him as Lord and Savior is restored back into the blessing. Therefore there is no longer any excuse for failure. As a child of God you now have the divine enablement to succeed and prosper in all that you do. The Bible notes that all of the charges and penalties that were assigned to you as a result of your sinful nature was wiped away by Jesus' victory - Col 2:14. The victory of Jesus is your victory.

Friend it's time to rise up and take your rightful place. You must resist every attempt to be mediocre. You have what is takes to excel, prosper and succeed. You are blessed. It's time for you to shine - Isa 60:1. The whole world is awaiting your manifestation - Rom 8:19.

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