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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Time for Your Promotion

True promotion comes from God - Psa 75:6. God has the ability to cause you to be promoted supernaturally. The key to walking in this promotion is your acknowledgement of God's power and ability, and your submission to God. Your submission to God means that you are fully submitted to His will.

It takes a man clothed in humility to be fully submitted to God. Friend, I am not referring to a false humility where you consider yourself as worthless but rather a humility based on faith in God's ability to deliver you from any situation and to promote you.

According to 1 Pe 5:6, if you are truly submitted to God, then He will cause you to enjoy success and be promoted. Make a decision today to yield your will to God's will. Your promotion is already secured, and it's manifestation is around the corner.

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