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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Protect the flow of the blessing in your life

Offense is a trap set by the enemy to block the flow of the blessing into your life. In Mt 11:6, Jesus illustrated this by saying that you are blessed if you do not get offended. The Bible tells us in Mk 6:3 that the people in Jesus' home town were offended at Him. They refused to honor Him because they had watched Him grow up. As anointed as Jesus was this limited what He could do there; He was unable to do mighty works - Mk 6:5.

There will be opportunities for you to get offended. As long as you interact with people they will do things that will tempt you to be offended. However You must protect the blessing flow in your life by resisting the temptation to be offended. The flow of the blessing is too precious for you to forfeit.

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