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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Enjoy the overflow of God's favor

One of the keys to accessing the favor of God is your tithe. In Mal 3:10-11 God threw out a challenge. The challenge was that if you try out His word and instruction to bring the tithe to Him watch and see whether He will not do what He said He will do.

What did God say He will do? God said that as a result of bringing in the tithe He will open the widows of Heaven over you and pour out such a blessing upon you that there will not be room enough to contain it. He also said that He will protect the works of your hands and your harvest from the enemy who seeks to destroy. The windows of Heaven is a reference to the favor of God. God declares that your tithe will cause an outpouring of His favor upon you beyond anything you can think or imagine.

Friend the tithe represents a tenth of your income. Abraham paid the tithe unto God through Melchizedek - Heb 7:1-2. Jesus was called in the priesthood of Melchizedek - Heb 7:15-17, and Abraham is the Father of our Faith - Rom 4:16. So God still expects us to pay our tithe in this dispensation. As you continue in this vein, God's promise to cause you to be favored beyond measure is still in effect. Enjoy the overflow of God's favor.

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