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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The favor of God makes a difference

Favor is firstly divine. Favor is a concept of God. It is a system that God intends every believer to operate in. God's desire is that every believer will operate by His divine favor.

The favor of God is what sets every believer apart from the world. The favor of God causes you to enjoy benefits that you did not qualify for. The favor of God multiplies the impact and effects of your labor. The favor God makes a way for you where people have said there is no way. The favor of God causes natural policies to be suspended on your behalf.

According to Pro 16:7 the favor of God will even cause those who have set themselves against you to be be at peace with you. You may be asking: How? Why?. Divine favor causes men to be drawn unto you and to treat your favorably - Pro 3:4.

Friend factor in the divine favor of God as your go about your day to day life. As you do this watch as God pours out such favor over you in all of your endeavors..

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