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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Your relationships help to determine your path to greatness

There is a right association that ensures that you walk in the fullness of God's favor. Conversely the wrong association can move you away from the favor of God. Ruth recognized the power of association. She refused to dissociate from Naomi, her mother-in-law even though her husband had died. She recognized that by the favor of God she had been divinely connected - Ruth 1:16. This relationship eventually led her to her next husband. Today she is named in the lineage of Jesus. That's the favor of God - Ruth 2:10 & Ruth 4:13.

The power of association is evident in this story of Ruth and Naomi. According to Pro 13:20 you are encouraged to surround yourself with wise men and not fools so that you don't experience a manifestation of foolishness but rather the wisdom of your companions will rub off on you. Likewise you must be sensitive to the divine relationships that God has place around you. God intends that these relationships will be channels through which His favor will flow into your life. I see you walking in a greater dimension of the favor of God as you maximize the divine relationships He has surrounded you with.

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