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Saturday, June 1, 2013

You are supernaturally equipped for your assignment

Rain is synonymous with fertilization, fructification and ripening. These are all stages that a seed goes through on the way to full maturity. Friend you are seed sent forth to your generation. You were sent here on an assignment. In order for your seed that seed to come to full maturity there is a need for the rain of God.

The Bible mentions the former rain and the latter rain - Joel 2:23. In Bible time, the former rain described the rain that fell in the Fall. This rain served to fructify the seed i.e. to make the seed fruitful and productive. The latter rain served to ripen the grain or the fruit.

That seed inside of you has been watered. However it will take the latter rain of God upon you for you to mature and become all that God has called you to be. Ask the Lord for rain - Zec 10:1. This rain refers to the rain of His Spirit. God wants the influence of HIs Holy Spirit upon your life to rise to the point that you are empowered to fulfill your destiny.

You are not alone. By the power and influence of the Holy Spirit you will be supernaturally equipped for your assignment.

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