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Saturday, June 29, 2013

You must act consistent with the operation of divine favor

There is an appropriate dress code for favor. You must dress in a way consistent with how you expect men to deal with you. This goes beyond just the physical clothes. It also refers to observing the right protocols, having the right attitude, and using the right words.

In Es 5:1-2, Esther had to appear before the king. Even though Esther was the queen she did not take her appearance before the king for granted. She prepared meticulously, she dressed appropriately and had the right demeanor before the king. This caused the divine favor of God to be activated on her behalf, and caused her to be favored before the king.

So it is not just enough to have the favor of God in operation in your life. Additionally, you must act, think, speak and dress consistently with the operation of divine favor in your life. So make a decision now that everything you do will be consistent with the flow of God's favor in your life.

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