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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Honor leads to favor

The favor of God will be needed in order for you to enjoy the fullness of God's plans. It is the favor of God that will cause you to receive things that you did not qualify for in the natural.

One of the keys to walking in the favor of God is honoring your parents - Eph 6:1-3. God instructed HIs people in Deut 5:16 that they must honor their fathers and mothers in order for them to love long lives. He went on to say that as they honored their parents things will go well for them in the promised land. The phrase "that it may be well with you" refers to the favor of God i.e. the favor of God causes things to go well for you.

You honor your parents by listening to and obeying their instructions which are aligned with God's word and instructions. Another way to honor your parents is to honor them with money. Sow into their lives. Buy them gifts. Pay for things that are important to them. You also honor your parents by treating them with respect, holding them in high regard, and speaking well about them to others.

As a child of God you must resist the temptation to follow the world's leaning towards a lack of honor and respect. In society you can see that the common culture is not high on respect and honor. However it is clear from scriptures that honor and respect are important to God. Honor is part of the Kingdom culture. Friend make a commitment to stand for what is right and honor your parents.

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