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Sunday, June 2, 2013

You must have the right attitude for divine favor

The Psalmist declares in Psa 5:12 that God will surround the righteous with favor like a shield. You see it is God's desire that you live by favor and not just by your labor. Favor is a supernatural advantage. Favor is defined as preferential treatment, something done out of goodwill, excessive kindness, and something that is freely granted.

Friend favor does not exclude you from labor. Rather God has granted favor to every believer as a supernatural advantage. He expects you to function wherever He has placed you with a consciousness of His favor. It is the favor of God that causes the efforts of a believer to be magnified. It is the favor of God that causes you to be noticed from a crowd.

However in order for you to maximize the favor of God over your life you must have the right attitude. When Jesus was on the cross, there were 2 thieves - 1 on either side of Him. One thief had the right attitude and the other did not. Jesus favored the thief to his right and granted this thief access to Paradise because of his attitude.

Your attitude qualifies you for favor. You have to have the right attitude in every situation so that you can walk in the fullness of the favor of God.

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