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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day - A Celebration of Fatherhood

Happy Fathers Day! Fathers are often criticized and maligned, and rarely celebrated. It's interesting that as important as fathers are society focuses more on pointing out the bad fathers rather than celebrating the great fathers. It's time to tip the balance because fathers are so important in society.

Let's start from the beginning. Fathers are meant to be the foundation of the family and to develop the potential and gifts of his children. Every male man was created with a seed of fatherhood in him. Irrespective of whether he has physical children every man has the potential to exhibit traits of fatherhood.

Consider that the male man was created first; before the female. God gave the male an assignment to tend and to keep - Gen 2:15. As a father the male is called to instruct his children - Pro 1:8-9 - with love and without provoking them - Eph 6:4. Fathers are called to raise up their children in the ways of God - Pro 22:6.

God has already given us the blueprint for fatherhood. Love is one of the roots of great fatherhood - Psa 103:13. God loved us so much that He gave what was most precious and valuable to Him so that you and could be redeemed from the enemy - John 3:16. It is love that drives a father to discipline his children - Pro 13:24.

Today many of the issues in society e.g. crime, lack of honor, degeneration of moral values, etc., are as a result of poor or absent fatherhood. There is a lot of absent or inadequate fatherhood. Even when fathers are present they are not fulfilling their roles consistent with God's Word. It is time for fathers to rise up and take their rightful roles in the families.

As you celebrate Fathers Day today make a decision to align yourself with God's purpose for fathers. If you are not a father commit the fathers around you into the hands of God; that they will succeed in their roles as fathers. Once again, Happy Father's Day!

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